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Friday, February 10, 2012

Ron Paul Makes a Huge Leap in Latest Polls

As the Mainstream Media continues Ron Paul behind the limelight as much as possible, things are starting to change. With a Presidential candidate as strong as Dr. Ron Paul, the corporations are encouraging Super-PAC's as a way to change the outcome of this election. Dr. Paul has an extremely strong American spirit, that shows in his constitutionalist fundamentals. He wants to repeal the Patriot Act, NDAA, and SOPA/PIPA, all of which are unconstitutional and deprive us of our in-alienable rights. Paul is explaining the truth to the people, hoping to unite us all, and lead us back in the right direction.

Dr. Paul has been as consistant as the calender with his voting on key issues, he is staying on his side of the fence. Flip-Floppers such as Mitt Romney are shooting themselves in the foot by changing their stance on these issues. The law that was passed January 1st 2012, which removed our rights to a fair trial, as well as allowing them to detain us indefinitely, is an act of Treason on the American Public. Why anyone is remaining to go on with their daily agenda without any respect to these laws is appalling. I am American, and I will do everything in my power to ensure the safety of our future generations. When a civil rights lawyer is ready to file this suit against the politicians who are not protecting the constitution as they swore to upon being elected.

The sole responsibility of our government is to insure the safety of its citizens, and to do whatever it takes to protect our Bill of Rights. When we finally see action against these American traitors, the public deserves some type of justice. Looking back at The Bank Bailout, it was never our decision, but we the people will suffer the consequences of a rogue government. Taking away the rights of the people who are paying your debt is absurd, and inhumane. Well, if we can unite in favor of the 99%, the world would see America for what it really is. I have high hopes I know, but hear me out on this; If you want to experience the holocaust from the Jewish point of view, then just keep living the worthless life of yours. Freedom is a privilege that we will lose if we think the gov't is going to take care of us, because they don't have the means in the budget to continue supporting those of you who have caused more harm to this great country due to their inadequate education levels. Stupidity is a choice and therefore it shouldn't be a legitimate reason for someone to expect cash aide from big brother.

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