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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Once Inside I Declared My Candidacy For Mayor

I am embarking on a quest, sort of a self challenge to test my own will by following the faith that I have been blessed with. This is a pivotal time in Stockton, as is around the world today. Some might be going about the day as if everything is fine, we the people need to Unite and form a more perfect Statehood, and soon show signs of progress. Being in charge of a city's financial management, how can you spend money that isn't there? Who is supposed to pay for it? I wish I could declare bankruptcy being 341 Million in the hole, I am sure I would have a city thriving on freedom of choice, and a more traditional feel to life here in the Central Valley.


  1. 28g - Oz. - Oh Zee - DUB-B Recordz

  2. I think this is beautiful and I consider your passion, desire, and taking a stand toward the future by becoming a heroe for today. No matter what the outcomes is I know that you are going to do your best in what you believe in and just the thought to try to make a different in the community is what Im taking about. So im going to take that challenge that is inspired by you and be an Greg "OH ZEE supporter.....


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