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INFOWARS: ACTIVIST Collection To spread the message of truth and liberty

Spread the message of truth and liberty.

The Infowars Activist Collection provides you with a wide array of items to help spread the message about Infowars and our fight against the New World Order. This collection gives you a variety of ways to inform and wake up the public. Conveniently bundled and discounted so you can become a front-line soldier in the Infowar.

Included in the Infowars Activist Collection:
10 Citizens Rule Books
10 issues of the Infowars Magazine
25 variety pack of Infowars Bumper Stickers
100 pack of Infowars Business Cards
5 blue Infowars Pens
5 red Infowars Pens
1 deck of NWO Playing Cards
1 Infowars Flag

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