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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh Zee Inc. Introduces a New Site KNKT.ME

This is going to be the biggest chain of Retail Stores that sells Wireless Devices, both unlocked or with a mobile carrier of your choice. We will keep the Stores Small To Accomodate A Podium, One or Two Sales Agents on the Floor, showing Customers their options. Affordable Devices, with BiGG savings on Data Plans. We are currently speaking to executives of 3 major wireless carriers, and asked how about working with the competition so we all win no matter what. It is in need of a little spark to ignite this tycoon. I am currently looking for a few partners to go in on a few decent Magazine Ads, Billboards, Trade Journals, and even online banner ads. To enable knkt to move forward, I am seeking 5 people to each toss in 15 bucks a month, towards the online ads and print ads. If you are interested in being an investor or an shareholder of this soon to hit Trend setter!

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