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Friday, June 21, 2013

If gays Choose to be different, then discrimination is allowed!

By Greg Pitsch

To all homosexuals in America, Since you are actively causing many christian's to see the reality of where we are at in this world today, we have to let you know, we can discriminate against homosexuals, based on the fact that it is your sexual preference. Meaning you prefer to be gay, rather than straight.

Don't give me the whole spiel about how you were born gay, because there comes a moment, when you have to weigh the options. Should I break my families heart due to my selfish desires? Or be the end of the family line?

Homosexuals place their needs/wants in front of the their families, their communities, as well as the rest of the country to walk the path of depravity. If I believe the Bible, and it's scriptures, I therefore must follow all of GOD's commandments, not pick and choose which ones I agree with.

The reprehensible lewd acts, that society is willing to embrace by allowing gays to get "Married," without realizing what will happen as a result of this immoral, and unjust legislation. If the gay community is willing to risk the Future of America, just so they can go from parade to parade, how much more selfish can one be?


  1. If this is truly what you feel, I feel sorry for you. What is breaking the future of America is our irresponsible government spending and attacks on our overall civil rights... Suck on that thought for a while.

    1. There is no evidence to suggest that homo's are born gay, the study has no physical proof, except that it may be from the mother's genetic makeup, that gets passed down. So don't feed me that bullshit!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Don't feel sorry for me, God is with us all!


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