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Monday, February 13, 2012

When are Police Gonna Stick to the Script

Stockton, California. What a place to live. That is if your not bothered by the drive by shootings, police brutality, and corruption in the city's foundation. I tend to ignore everything that is not an immediate threat to my livelihood, because I've been through a couple of odd run ins with the Stockton Police Department, and let me tell you, these were not protectors of the public. The things along my own journey that blessed me with enough patience to deal with the bullshit I've had happen to me while living in "The All-American City."

Just recently, I had gone out one night with a friend of mine, well I thought he was a friend. We went to a buddy's of his Auto Shop to talk business. After we pounded a couple of adult beverages, several hours had passed, and now the three of us rode to another friends of his house. At this lady's house we continued to discuss business, in relation to investing in a few of my new start-ups. My buddy Alex tries getting me to drive him home before 2am, otherwise it's all bad for him being that he lives at his parents house still.

"I never drive after drinking, because unlike you, I learn from my mistakes," I told him because of his fifth DUI he received nearly two months prior.

This started an argument, that later turned physical. After defending myself for nearly 30 minutes, catching him off guard a few times with my own heavy hitters. Eventually we were both tired so I went and sat on the curb to catch a breath or two, when I was struck in the back of the head with either the handle of a pistol, or a flat square-ish rock, possibly even a brick and as a result I was knocked unconscious. Face down in the intersection just south of Downtown Stockton is where I laid for Several hours.

While I was out, Alex must have dug into my pockets, and took my keys as well as my wallet and cell phone. He then took my car in an attempt to beat his curfew. When he was driving towards his house, he totaled my car, and ditched it.

When I finally woke up, I was in the San Juaquin County Hospital with no shirt, no hat, no wallet, no phone, and later I found out I no longer had a car.

I walked home from the Hospital and asked my wife, if she drove me to the Hospital. Wow was she mad, furious with me for even leaving the night before, and not calling her all night. Well After I had explained to her the entire story she was more understanding about the missing car not being completely my fault. We had decided to call the Stockton Police Department and Report it Stolen. Several hours passed, before they located the car and called us. They told us where it was and that we had to come and tow it ourselves because it was on Private property.

We were stunned when we finally got to see it, complete disarray, all of my belongings were missing, there was no key, and we are talking about a 2003 All-road with a 2.7 L V6 Bi-Turbo engine, in optimal conditions this beast is boasting nearly 400 Horsepower. More than likely, since my thoughts resonated in my memory that he was the culprit, he was acting strange the whole night.

Later after we took care of the insurance, our insurance company, told us to get a copy of the report from the Police Departrment. When my wife called, they told her there was no report on file. No Report, yet they had record of our call to report the car stolen. So they sent a "sworn officer," to take a report. When the Stockton Police officer arrived, I greeted him, and politely started explaining to him what my issue was. After completing all of the above, the corrupted official told me, "Well, here is what's going to happen, nothing!" "What, why are you telling me nothing? Can you at least write us the report, so our Insurance company can make their diagnosis of the situation." I beckoned with reason. "No, no, no... because I don't feel that a crime has been committed." he said with conviction. "But it doesn't matter what you think, I am telling you facts, I am only asking that you put it into a report." I replied. "We are not going to do that, you got the call log, sorry!" And after he stated this he got into his car and drove off.

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