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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

All-you-can-fly airline gets ready for take off in California

The first all-you-can-fly airline , Surf Air, plans to begin operations this summer, offering members unlimited service between Palo Alto, Monterey, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles for as low as $790 a month.

On Thursday, Surf Air founders, brothers Wade and David Eyerly, announced their business plan, concentrating on frequent-flyers who represent 85 percent of the business travel
industry. In 2011 alone, more than 20 million frequent travelers flew between the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Wade Eyerly is a former intelligence officer and served as aide to Vice President, Dick Cheney. David Eyerly is a licensed commercial pilot and former manager of the Dallas Fort-Worth airport for Frontier Airlines.

"We are fulfilling a real need in the marketplace, a professional and affordable service between very popular regions," said Wade Eyerly, CEO and Founder of Surf Air. "We foresee our members forming personal and business bonds on our flights as they experience the benefits of this exclusive travel club. With Surf Air, you can arrive at your aircraft minutes before your flight, receive a warm welcome from the captain and concierge, and then be quickly on your way to your destination in the company of your fellow Surf Air members."

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