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Monday, February 20, 2012

CA: The Swing State in 2012 Presidential Election

Everybody Knows California is Dominantly a Liberal state when compared to more conservative parts of the Country. In this years presidential election, those in the Golden State may turn to An American Politician named Ron Paul. He is the only Candidate that wants to Restore America. What happened to our republic must be repaired to an earlier state. One which shows no signs of stopping anytime soon due to unstable Econcomy, that's what Ron Paul means when he says, "Restore America Now." California has reached Unemployment levels topping 14% at times just months ago. But this is just the percentage of Californian's who are collecting unemployment Insurance claims. Hundreds of Thousands of us have already exceeded the maximum amount to be collected. I know I can't speak for California, but in san joaquin alone, the true unemployment number has got to be well above 30 percent. If we allow our economy to be at the hands of our officials it can never get better, because it is OUR job to fix it. Ca's budget is a crisis within the federal budget crisis, they are out of control. Ron Paul is a favorable candidate in California because of his economic strategy to eliminate the federal reserve.

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