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Saturday, September 10, 2011

When This Happens I Will be Hard to Reach

As the world as my witness, I will never blame someone else for my shortcomings, however if I have people around that are becoming obstacles, I will hurdle them and continue on my way.  I would like to have help along the journey, but I feel as if I am asking the wrong people to get involved.  Once I get the means to start my successful corporation, I will put Americans back to work.

Everyday that passes only stirs my boiling water, I am in need of the noodles to make my pasta.  Investor's are hard to find and tough to contact.  Once they come forward and help my corporation with a little bit of capital, It's going to be too much for me to try to do all alone.  So this becomes the point where I hire college graduates to use their education daily, and improve the moral and ability to get orders out.  This is where most business owners fail, because they get their first business running well and they think they are done.  Life will be a struggle if they stop here and want to, "BE THE BOSS."  For those of us that know the economy, this is just #1, and now we're ready to go, "on to the next one!"

Truth be told, there is no end in business, especially for one that has yet to truly begin the path to wealth and prosperity.  Time will allow you to continue, but only until you reach a point where you see the peak, at this vista point too many will stay.  And why not?  It's a beautiful view, and there is usually a nice breeze that one will feel.  This is the Catagory you fall into if you are happy with what you have.  I am different, its not that I am unhappy with what I have, I want more, so I have more to give.  I have yet to be described as greedy.

I would like to start my clothing company, capital management company, recycling company, solar-farming company, as well as a shipping company, all with a good amount of employees.  This is just to name a few, eventually I will open Mall's, Business Parks, Retail Strips, Apartment Complexes, my own Airline, Record Labels, a Cellular provider, Television Network, and the list goes on... One Day...  Some Day!

"Some don't deserve what they have, and the rest don't have what they deserve!"

Lets look at a business Idea together and see what we can produce while money isn't involved:

Business Name:  EE (Electronic Experts)
Start-up Date: 9-10-2011
Start-up Costs:  $45,000

What will you do with this money?  
First:  Acquire a 1 year lease for a Retail Shop at least 500 square feet
Second:  Furnish the Store (POS Machines, CPU's, Tables, Lights, Desks)
Third:  Purchase initial Inventory
Fourth:  Advertise on the Radio, On-line, and local Newspapers.
Fifth:  Food and Drinks for the Break-Room.
Sixth:  Put $250 in each Register before we open the first day!

This is all it takes to put people to work, and it will sustain itself as long as you give your customer's a reason to patronize your store (sales, new inventory, public ads, and even promotions).  If we all did a lil-bit to help out this country would be the land we all see in our dreams, but the sad part is the people that have the money, won't put it to work to make more.  But the people that are willing to help anyone, don't have the money.  I have come to the reality that some don't deserve what they have, and the rest don't have what they deserve!!


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