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Friday, August 19, 2011

If Poles are shifting, it is Going to Effect Everything

Instead of thwarting my own head up against the wall, I felt compelled to write something to even boggle the wisest mind.  This is the script that was produced by none other than Oh Zee, again giving you his words of wisdom.

There is a predominant thought that seems to be constricting everyone's ability, most of you probably already know what I am not about to say.  It draws a great connection to what many modern astronomer's believe will be a cataclysmic pole-shift, they could be wrong however is this something to take lightly?  These thoughts in my mind were suddenly blocked and I was able to "envision" the aftershock of this particular, "end of the world."

If and when the Earth's poles shift, like these Astronomer's have suggested, the result of it would do everything except "end the world."  Let's take these words "Pole Shift," literal. Now apply it's exact meaning to your perspective as I have, and this should be well known because it goes back to the Physical ideals that started the science.  Magnetic pull, as well as Gravity show us everything about we could possibly need to know.  Poles are always being pulled, eventually pull is going to come from the opposite direction.  What goes up, must come down.

Recently I have joined with the theories behind quantum physics, they bound us all together as one giant electromagnetic frequency field, because everything is a combination of protons, neutrons, and electrons.  Three elementary atoms, give us our perception on Reality.  Well what is Real?  Is the Bible Real to you?  If so, you also believe this to a sense, because GOD is everywhere and is within everything, right?  So in this field of energy, there are only protons and electrons, (neutrons is not charged)this is the crucial truth.  Just as their are good (+), and evil (-) people, there are also people with a positive outlook on life, and some who are overly pessimistic.  December 21, 2012 will reverse everything we see, touch, smell, and hear.

If this pole shift occurs, does that mean the people who have struggled in poverty, will soon become very wealthy?  Or people with bad luck, will soon be bombarded with good fortune?  I see how balanced the world is with negative and positive energy, if that balance is to continue then we should start getting prepared for the tides to turn.  What will we do if time starts going in reverse?  What about gravity, will it to be reversed?  There is a limitless amount of possibilites as to what will actually transpire, but this theory of mine gives me a reason to smile, because I will grow taller, and watch the Tall ones become short.  Point and laugh at the skinny people that quickly reach obesity.  The old become young, and the trees become roots.

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