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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Debt?? Who?? Join the Club, Or Not.

    For the last twelve years I have grown more and more concerned about our Government, and the way they run us into a financial doomsday every couple years.  How have we not revolted yet, and asked them to at least give us a detailed description of where our tax money gets spent?  And why are they spending more than they make each year, thinking that they will escape the inevitable bankruptcy.  What are we to do, if China wishes to come Collect on the nearly 2 Trillion dollars they loaned to us, so we could pay the richest people in the world a bunch of money that just got stacked in banks, and folded and placed inside their already overstuffed wallet.
    There is a sense that the Government isn't following the ideals they are preaching.  Wasn't it about a year and a half ago, that President Obama told us that it wouldn't be easy, that Americans would have to learn to live with less credit?  Aren't they Americans too??  They are financing a war that should have never been started in IRAQ.  What are we still doing there?  They have all stated that we had no evidence to support our invasion, so why haven't we left?
    The United States is no longer the great economical power that it once was, we are just giving away all of our resources to fund some ideas and research them.  For instance there is a Grant with a ceiling as high as 3 million dollars, for someone willing to research Sea Snails off the coast of Alaska.  Try to figure out this grant:

Funding Instrument Type:

Category of Funding Activity:Health 
Category Explanation:
Expected Number of Awards:33
Estimated Total Program Funding:$80,000,000
Award Ceiling:$300,000
Award Floor:
CFDA Number(s):93.310  --  Trans-NIH Research Support
Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement:No

Additional Information on Eligibility:

Other Eligible Applicants include the following: Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Serving Institutions; Eligible Agencies of the Federal Government; Faith-based or Community-based Organizations; Hispanic-serving Institutions; Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs); Indian/Native American Tribal Governments (Other than Federally Recognized); Regional Organizations; Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities (TCCUs) ; U.S. Territory or Possession; Foreign components, as defined in the NIH Grants Policy Statement, are allowed. 

Agency Name

 National Institutes of Health


The NIH Directors New Innovator (DP2) Award program was created in 2007 to support a small number of early stage investigators of exceptional creativity who propose bold and highly innovative new research approaches that have the potential to produce a major impact on broad, important problems in biomedical and behavioral research. The New Innovator Awards complement ongoing efforts by NIH and its Institutes and Centers to fund early stage investigators through R01 grants, which continue to be the major sources of NIH support for early stage investigators. The NIH Directors New Innovator Award Program is a High-Risk Research initiative of the Common Fund.

Really? They are going to award 33 people a total of $80,000,000. Although Health Research is a good investment, this is clearly absurd. I mean what are they going to expect in Return, a classified document? Now add another $80 Million in the Red. Who is responsible for this totally irresponsible spending without any type of return?

Here is another good one:

Document Type:Modification to Previous  Grants Notice
Funding Opportunity Number:RFA-674-11-0042
Opportunity Category:Discretionary
Posted Date:Aug 10, 2011
Creation Date:Aug 10, 2011
Original Closing Date for Applications:Sep 09, 2011   
Current Closing Date for Applications:Sep 09, 2011   
Archive Date:Sep 16, 2011
Funding Instrument Type:Cooperative Agreement 
Category of Funding Activity:Health 
Category Explanation:
Expected Number of Awards:5
Estimated Total Program Funding:
Award Ceiling:$5,820,000
Award Floor:$5,820,000
CFDA Number(s):98.001  --  USAID Foreign Assistance for Programs Overseas
Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement:Yes

Eligible Applicants

Unrestricted (i.e., open to any type of entity above), subject to any clarification in text field entitled "Additional Information on Eligibility"  

Additional Information on Eligibility:

Agency Name

           South Africa USAID-Pretoria

The main objectives of this five-year award are to: 1) improve the livelihood capabilities of vulnerable households; 2) strengthen the capacity of local organizations to provide effective economic strengthening and livelihoods services; and 3) promote equal economic status among women and men, and protect the rights of women and children. 
So here we are going to pay $5,280,000 to "anyone" who is willing to go to SWAZILAND for five years and help morally shape their country, and promote equal rights.  Why not do this here in our own Country, we still don't have equality.
I am seeing a lot of wasted money being spent on things that cannot improve our livelihood today in America.  If I was given this 5.2 million dollars, I would Employ the 12% of California that is unemployed.

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