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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Survival of the Richest!

       Seeming that almost everyday I wake up, and want to know what we can do to survive as the Human race.  Because we are destroying this beautiful planet of ours, PEOPLE PLEASE!! DO NOT IGNORE SCIENCE!! We should all be doing our part to protect our home.  I would like to explore the possibility that the Earth's Expiration date is December 21st 2012, and how unprepared most people will be. 

I have always been very keen towards Math and Science, they were my two favorite subjects as an adolescent.  The main things that attracted me to these subjects are the answers are so concrete, math has been set in stone, for Thousands of years, yet each question/problem has only one answer/solution.  You are either right or wrong, close doen't count.  These same rules apply to spelling, grammar, pre-nunciation, and even History to an extent.

I believe American Students are deterred from Math & Sceince related Careers, because of the undeniable distractions the children of today deal with; TVs, Computers, Video Games, Chores, Homework, After-School Sports, Part-time Jobs, Cell Phones, BOY/GIRL problems, kids, and even Friends.  Some kids have more than those few I listed.  I am a strong believer, that we need to get our children to have limits on their workload. 

I know first hand how all of these actvities are a privilige, but I had parents that could afford all of these,  all the tasks daily demanded my focus, in order to juggle it along with my senior year of High School.  I decided not to take a Senior Math Class, nor Sceince, because the R.O.P. (Regional Occupation Program) class I chose was good for credit in these subjects. 

For some these two subjects aren't as interesting as others, because they are too difficult to understand.  Or even if you understand it, you still might not solve them problem correctly, and during any steps you take, one mistake will lead you to the wrong solution. 

I think if we take a bulk of the distractions away from children, they would be able to find more time to learn these subjects.  These are the two most important fields to venture into, yet they are now America's two least competitive field against other countries.  Let's find a way to get back on the TOP!

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