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Friday, February 11, 2011

Stockton, Stand By, Let Me fix this Problem

  Everything that has ever been created, started with an idea, the difference is just the Scale of the project.  If my generation had any idea what we are about to embark on, they would just continually ask questions, which couldn't pertain to these conversations about MONEY!

  Not that I am Under-educated in the field of economics, but didn't attend Yale Business School, or any other fancy institution, my knowledge should still not be under estimated.  I intend to Revolutionize this Economy, and get it back on track.  I use the phase "I" to represent that, until the Incorporation Of Oh Zee Clothing occurs, it is solely on my shoulders.  It's not my responsibility, I know.  However I watched two-years from the sidelines, and realized every day that goes by in which I don't better the community, I am losing my ability to Call the Shots.  That doesn't mean I can't.  The Opportunity here has never been this great, Invest....SOON!!!   

   In the next few weeks, Me and Three Colleagues take the Leap into the Corporate world with nothing to lose.  Time will no longer be of the essence, instead of being wasted, let's invest what we can.  For some the desire of having it all, but not willing to invest time to expand their creativity, to ensure they get it all.  We are the type that will walk out of a meeting that started 30 seconds ago, because you advertantly question a fact.  A fact, can NEVER be found to be False...

   So when A businessman offers you a job, you are ever so desperately in need of, thank Oh Zee, because we Don't allow questions, NEXT!  You lost your one shot...       

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