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Friday, January 28, 2011

"Feelings," don't exist!

Feeling - feel·ing
The  Definition  is a little misleading because it does note that one has feelings, even though the word feel, is defined as the power to perceive by touch.  I think the plural version of the word should be eliminated from the dictionary.  Answer these few simple questions, and I will find it within myself to retract my opinion.

Can I feel(touch) one's feelings?

Can I see one's feelings?

Can I hear one's feelings?

Can I smell one's feelings?

Can I taste one's feelings?

I know the answer to all these questions, is no.  I use these five questions to determine how genuine something is.  Because if I can't see, smell, hear, taste, or touch something, it does not exist, this is a FACT. 

If you go to the doctor, and tell him/her that someone hurt your feelings, what could HE or SHE do to help you?  They can't operate on your feelings, however, they would be able to change or dissolve what you are feeling (IE: pain, anxiety, illness etc.). 

If a doctor, one who has studied the human anatomy, can't locate your "feelings" why would anybody want them?  Hurt "feelings" can only be cured by removing oneself from their "feelings."  I did it, and so can you, by admitting the FACT that "feelings" don't exist.  

Why would I choose to have "feelings" if I can't do anything to change them. If one does have these so called "Feelings," they exist and are affected solely by acts and behaviors of others.  Not you! Why possess something that you cannot control?

Please do not confuse the word "feelings" with care, emotion, heart, or pain.  Most people do feel, through the act of touching something, or someone.   We all feel some type of physical pain sometime in our life.  This does not mean we have "feelings." We all have and show emotion, but these "feelings" most carry around for no reason, can and will slow down any progress.  I believe this is one of many things we can eliminate from our daily lives to better America as a whole. 

If anybody should find a way that "feelings" benefit any of us, please send your answer to me at

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