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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

They Came , They saw, I conquered

For as long as I have been able to understand my dreams, I have seen one key message repeat itself; that one day I would be a Global power.  Whether I envisioned these dreams as a way to build me up to what I am suppose to be, or to constantly remind me that I am falling short of what I can accomplish?  Who can tell me the answer?  As I see it I am the one the rise to being the largest political, and corporate power in the world.

I have watched the United States go from the world superpower, to a satirical state of question.  It seems as if most people, whether young or old, educated or not seem to not have the desire to know.  We have been seeing the world from the dominating corporate world for way too long, and now that we are experiencing financial meltdown as a country, and a planet, we want answers!  What I wish you all knew, and many of you do, is you are the only one to blame for where you are in life.  If you point the finger at anyone else, you will see that it only allows you to live in a fictitious reality until you come to terms with the truth.  I want to let the world know I am the one who fear was created for.

I am 26 years old, I own my own home, and I am married to the strongest woman in the world.  I have seen money and what effect it has on the Human Mind.  When money is plentiful, there are no reasons to worry.  However, those of us that have seen the bottom are also aware of the things one does to acquire some after one has endured a length of time without any.  Our identity is no longer in question, now we are fed up with the power it has over us, and Obama was right; it's time for a change.

Since Obama didn't really accomplish any change for the country's well-being, I think time is running against those of us actually care about the people, and will not stand to be bought out by lobbyists.  I once told my high-school government teacher, "We all have our own free will to do as we please, anyone of us can be as great as we want to be, however, what we choose to be is usually nowhere close."  I went to college for five years trying to find out what I wanted to pursue as a career.

Eventually I came to the understanding, I wanted to help the world break free from the mold we have been cast into.  I wanted to help free the barriers we put upon ourselves as a reminder that we can't do it!  As the mental capacity of humanity grew, I would then make enough sense to the people for me to run for public office.  The time is now, I have been doing God's work for sometime now, but some are still not willing to accept the right way of life, instead of fighting for the wrong.

I am one of a few people in this country, who doesn't judge others, and will allow others the piece of mind to overcome there tumultuous past.  This is where you will see who is ready, and who isn't ready to take the next step and get out of the hole.  It only becomes tougher to take the next step, but common grounds are "common" therefore we should all have the natural instinct within us all to strive to be greater.

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