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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Let's Give a round of Applause for the Politicians!!

The Dreadliest problem that many never get the chance to experience, is ordering a plate that will feed the next six generations, but its divided into six portions, so those who are on top stay on top.  I see it as a simple game of supply and command.  A game where there are no rules for conduct, because the few that are playing aren't taking their turn, so they stay put knowing that they're safe where they are at, and until they are found why chance it?

The rest of us wish life could stay motionless, at least for the moment before it takes off again.  Many like myself live a life that feels like a roller-coaster, but derailing, picking up the sled and getting it back on track and give it another go!  Why allow an opportunity like such to occur, if the probability relies soley upon oneself.  For example, don't think to far ahead, eliminate the possibility of ideas that may end up going bad. 

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