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Monday, July 9, 2012

What Is the Children Learning? CA Pushes Gay History Into State Curriculum

Never mind that homosexuality is an extremely divisive issue, in California classrooms it is not enough merely to tolerate—teachers are required to advocate.

SB 48, the so-called gay history bill, was signed by California's Governor Jerry Brown with the ironic statement that "history must be honest". Yet this law explicitly prohibits honesty in the classroom.

It was pushed through California's radical legislature supposedly as a further weapon in the war on bullying. But the law says nothing about bullying. Instead it mandates that all social science classes, starting at kindergarten, add curriculum that is positive toward lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual accomplishments in the social sciences, including history. But even more, it outlaws curriculum that "reflects adversely" on these same groups. SB 48 also prohibits a parent opting out of this radical curriculum.

So what harm is there in only saying positive things about a group of people and avoiding saying anything bad? In a social science class, this could present a rather distorted view of the world. Recently a group of gay activists was invited to the White House. Some media outlets found it newsworthy when a few of those activists posed for pictures while making rude finger gestures at a portrait of Ronald Reagan. In California, post SB48, a newspaper story recounting this ugly display would be banned in any school current events class.

Even faithfully liberal voices like the Los Angeles Times criticized the misguided law by noting, "Real history is richer and more complicated than feel good depictions."

A broad coalition is backing a ballot initiative called the CLASS Act. The Children Learning Accurate Social Science Act demands that social science curriculum include individuals based on their contributions to society, not their sexual orientation. And it goes further to require that no person is left out of books or instruction based solely on their sexual preference.

We need your help! There is less than a week left to collect the necessary signatures to put the CLASS Act on the California ballot. Supporters of the CLASS Act need signatures and additional funding to get their message out.

Download and sign a petition today in order to place the CLASS Act on the ballot and let the people decide if this is what they want their children taught in the California schools.

It is easy to see why Californians might take the time to help with this cause, but why would those who live outside the Golden State care? California is not Las Vegas. What happens here rarely stays here. The wonderful and the worst are exported equally to the other 49 states and the world. Defeat SB 48 in California now or look for it in a school near you.

How SB 48 will Impact your Children

Donate to Stop SB 48 from spreading to your state.

Yes, I want to donate $4.80 to Stop SB 48 with the CLASS Act

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Yes, I want to donate $480.00 to Stop SB 48 with the CLASS Act

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