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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rise Our American Youth - Rebellious Truths

You as a group have contributed least to the ominous problems now plaguing this country. Yet the heaviest burdens will be forced upon the already aching backs of your futures by the previous generations. Many of you are hoping, and have been told, that a good college education will be your guiding light in these dark times, but do you know the truth? Do you understand what's happening in the world of education: absurd tuition raises, loan schemes, and youth graduate unemployment? You must all seek out the truth because, if not, you will be yet another victim of the system. But don't despair, for we can save our futures and create something new and beautiful together if we American Youth cast off tainted labels and false ideology and unite in truthful rebellion, and demand truth, accountability, and integrity from our political and media systems. Let the truth and nothing but the truth prevail.

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