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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ron Paul Will Be The Winner of The Maine Caucus

The Maine Caucus ended Saturday Night, and the votes are still being counted. With 84% of the precincts Reporting, it is still a far-fetched win for Mitt Romney. Maine will more than likely end up being in Ron Paul's win column after the remainder of the votes are added to the totals on Wednesday. The Media is quick to announce that Mitt wins these caucuses and straw polls, even though they know damn well that Ron Paul is going to be America's favorite candidate if we even get the chance to hear him speak in front of huge crowds. Our Liberties are being stripped, almost as if they are already gone.... well they are. These are practice elections, and we are already seeing a large amount of voting fraud reported, and it seems to always rob Ron Paul from getting the spotlight like he should be by now. Please America, wake up and get Ron Paul on the ballot. The brainless citizens of this country will catch on sooner or later, I hope.....

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