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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Music:Bad Artists, like Politics:Bad Politicians

As I evaluate the level of competition in the Music Industry, I see many similarities with the Industry and Politics. This years election is starting to sound like the mainstream music we are fed on the radio. A bunch of crap that no-one wants to hear, and repitition causes some to lose their defense, so they end up singing along. The Republicans are starting to emulate the forced Music we are all used to by now, just by the way they are forcing us to rally behind weaker politicians, because they are afraid of the good guy.

I understand the dynamics behind the forcing, and they do it because of the high percentage of people that believe the media, and "trusty" news networks. But they are owned by the people who are afraid of Ron Paul, and what his political agenda might do to their heirloom of wealth. What he is proposing is to eliminate all the unnecessary expenditures which help to pad the pockets of the nation's wealthiest. By taxing the wealthy, America wouldn't be hurting the economy, but rather ensuring our financial stability. This infuriates the elite, by greatly reducing the plausibility of their planned take-over.

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