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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Get To The Facts Already

I have been dazzled by the quickness we are spinning right now, we must have really picked up speed... It's been day & Nite, radpidly rotating and causing a lapse in judgement when applied to time. We shall see what is in the cosmos for us in 2012...? Interesting insights from the wizard show there is only the inner most thought in everyones mind, as if we have all had the same dream.. You know the dream.... Categorize as defiant at times, I often feel like I'm the most intelligent being in my surroundings. Rebellious at heart, any strength I have acquired I can now multiply it's intensity. Fear isn't the tactic, it's the the reaction from being lied to. Wait you'll be more surprised to see the Gui-Chit, On your knees, head forward, that's chit.

Hold on tight cause, something is changing and its coming quick... I am not one for predictions, but I'm guessing Ron Paul is going to win the 2012 Presidential Election, and a week before his inauguration he will Start Pursuing his passion for Poker. It's obvious how he is quick to smile at one's mistakes, but forgets when to establish which side he takes. This is due to the fact that Ron Paul has no reason to explain the other candidates tactics that don't work. It has been hard enough for him to get his word out, and he is being shunned again by the main stream media.

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