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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Watch Me Reach My Level

  It is merely more than a side job or "Some kinda Hobby," This is what I do, this IS who I am.
                                                                               Oh Zee "Money Does Grow On Trees!" 
 Oh Zee has been staying out of the Lime-light long enough to increase the depth in his vision.  How does one continue to halt their impact on the world?  He often enjoys the minute details, but has learned that they are irrelevent to the Global Picture; Save the World!

      Back to Reality: The grim job forecast is "there may be some avilable," according to EOF Statistics in Styne, WYOMING?  How Many Jobs are even open in the whole town of Styne? Three, and one internship for a CPA.  The Outlook Looks dim in Styne, WY, and some will leave town in Search of Work."   --
       They leave their hometowns to go find work instead of placing their skills and knowledge together, and start a company that can hire all these displaced workers.  What about the Risk? Are you Risking anything?  Then Don't Say it's Risky, because you have no Idea what Is at Risk.  Our Pride, Our Integrity, and even Our Life.  Other people do not see the apparent blunder our Media Outlets, and Television Networks have done to the "Common Knowledge" as some might call it.  Clear voice that speaks to us all, Amen.

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