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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What about my Portion

As many of us remeber the huge bailout for Wall street, the banks, and 3 major car companies, which surpassed 700 billion dollars, borrowed on behalf of the taxpayer's?  why weren't tax payers given credit towards their auto-loans, mortgages, and home-equity lines?  It would only be fair for us to receive a few payments posted in our accounts, if you are still lost, I will go more into detail, on my specific situation, and my frustration with the government just slapping us all in the face.

In the midst of the economic collapse, congress passed the bill, bailing-out the major three car companies, the banks that were wrongly taking our money, and a few fortune 500 companies along Wall Street. 
 I had purchased a then brand new 2007 PT Cruiser which was my second vehicle, using Chrysler Financial as the lender.  All went well for nearly nine months, at which time I was laid off from RGW Construction due to a slow season ahead with little work.

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