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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Woman ain't a Bitch, and a bitch ain't a Woman!

"Those who are of the Female species, who think they are smart enough to lie, cheat, rob, and steal from people who honestly care for their well being, are not smart at all." - Greg Pitsch

This common difference to the Human, call her the Bxh, is also the stumbling and Dragging us back.  The Older, More Prominent way of the Household, The Leave it to Beaver Days, the women on TV were Obedient housewives, and the world looked like it was in complete control.  Hitler would soon take it to himself to scare the Jews out of Europe like Insects scattering from behind the Refrigerator.

Sabotaging a few who care about more than themselves, good Men are now being destroyed by Women that think, they run everything.  Let me explain, we the People can not let the fabric of OUR WAY OF LIFE just seemingly fall apart?

Sacrifice your belonging to those needing idols, beat that idol on his best day.  There is only one true GOD.
Defending the TRUTH  -  GP   

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