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Monday, May 27, 2013

Senator Rand Paul: Obama has Lost "Moral Authority to Lead the Nation"

Rand Paul: I think we have to get to the bottom of this. I think these three scandals really takes away from the president's moral authority to lead the nation. No one questions his legal authority; I think he's losing the moral authority to lead this nation. He really needs to put a stop to this. I don't care whether you're a Democrat or Republican, no one likes to see being punished for your political belief.

Anchor: You called for a special counsel? Do you see any evidence that a crime has been committed thus far?

Paul: I don't think we know so far. The main woman from the IRS that's involved has taken the Fifth Amendment. She's no longer cooperating. So, I have called for her suspension. The president has suspended her, but he's still paying her. I think there needs to be a resolution. I think the president is in danger of losing his moral authority to lead the nation. The president said that he's going to listen to his commissioner, his new IRS commissioner in 30 days, the investigation has been going on for over a year. If he goes beyond 30 days and no one is fired over this, I really think it's going to be trouble for him trying to lead the next four years.

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