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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Greg Pitsch Wants To Share His Genius

While I was thinking to myself, about how things work in the world, these are a few of my thoughts finalized. Hope you can comment on my thoughts with a few of your own.

"Everything occurs in a dueux style, where each action is projected 360 degrees, an area I've named , "The Halo of Perceived Reality (HPR)."" - Greg Pitsch


"Imagine what is possible, while making the impossible occur." - Greg Pitsch


"Since the Global Temperature continues to rise, how does one conclude that Global Warming does not exist?"


"A Calculated Risk, that is precisely estimated, will increase one's concentration of wealth, while nullifying most of the risk." - Greg Pitsch


"After they regulate, soon they will propagate to us why they need to dominate!" - Greg Pitsch


"Have belief in your dreams and you will be amazed by what you achieve." - Greg Pitsch


"Create a new reality, or become a prisoner to the realm you refuse to change." - Greg Pitsch

These are some of my quotes that were my prize from hours of thinking about the world. Hope you enjoy!

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