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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sen. Paul speaks on waste in Sandy emergency funding

Rand Paul is fighting for the American People, and this video shows proof of this!

Support Smart Emergency Spending
The Hurricane Sandy Emergency Funding package is a three-year spending bill packed with hundreds of millions of dollars of unrelated pork earmarked for everything but hurricane relief.

There is no evidence Congress is good at spending your money.

So the last thing we should do is hand over three years' worth of spending authority disguised as Hurricane Sandy relief.

Why don't we authorize one year at a time with functional oversight and make sure the relief money is not being wasted or abused?

Why don't we offset the costs of the relief package with spending cuts to prevent adding another $60 billion to our national debt?

I have proposed offsetting hurricane relief costs by ending $9 billion worth of foreign aid that ends up in the private accounts of dictators who oppress their own people and burn our flag.

My amendment to the hurricane relief package would've required Congress offset the relief costs with spending cuts one year at a time.

The problem is that so-called conservatives in the Senate refuse to stand up for what's right and voted against fiscal responsibility.

They continue to put their own wants before the needs of this great nation.

Despite the defeat of my amendment, I vow to keep fighting this battle because America's future is worth fighting for.

We will never climb out from under our crippling $16 trillion debt with abusive spending like this.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

P.S. Congress is planning to spend another $60 billion on pet projects disguised as Hurricane Sandy relief spending.

And so-called conservatives refused my proposal to offset the hurricane relief costs with spending cuts, especially money we can save by refusing to enrich foreign dictators.

But I vow to continue this fight and hope that you will join me.

Please make a generous contribution to help RandPAC fight abusive government spending.

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