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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stand here for a second and watch these things

I am a 27 year old conservative that knows AMERICA is on the hook, and we the people are solely responsible for everything our Government does. An example would be them spending Trillions that does not exist! All the while, luring us in, then demand that we need to pay more!!!

All of the Politicians use these three keys to keeping us uninformed:

- never mention the revenue
- leave a majority of statements open-ended
- Say Something Stupid, while smiling!

Why is it that they haven't tried to help give us taxpayer's a break? If we want to take our Country back, we must first, END THE FED!!

Nearly half of this country is on Government Aid, sucking down our resources without ever paying a dime! They get free health care, ours goes up!!! They want an equal opportunity because they didn't attend or graduate from a University.

We should let them live life broke, and give them free food, thats it. No public Housing, No Cell phones, Internet, tuition, and all the other handouts the government will hand to them!

We need to put a stop to this monetary madness going on in Washington D.C !

That's what a conservative does, cuts unnecessary spending! I had to turn off my cell, my Directv, give up two cars, still paying on both, had to buy another one to go to work, gas went up to $5.69/gal. I have since lost everything but my home, and my family, everything else is unnecessary.

Mitt Romney: $2 Billion on Campaign
Barack Obama: $4 Billion on Campaign

FREEDOM: Priceless,

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