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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Secession petitions now filed for all 50 states

President Barack Obama delivers his victory speech in Chicago on Nov. 6, 2012.
(Chip Somodevilla/Getty)

If we were to all take a step back and see what is going on around the world, what we aren't seeing? So many of us are lost in an image of reality, that simply doesn't exist! You all that wish these "Losers," would quit Interrupting you while you're watching your favorite show, or song that you probably entertain yourself three times a week with it, whatever it is that might be!

When are you going to realize, that it is more than science that pulls us apart. Methodically, periodically, as well as evidently, we know what is upon us who reside in Coastal regions, May God Be With Us All.

Look at What states are seriously considering secession! That is Texas, the Lone Star State. The majority of America can potentially secede, California, Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Florida will be the last to accomplish it, if they do pursue at any time in the future.

This is America's absolute final chance. I already see so many people who think this is to divide the country into 50 little countries. This is not the case, I just wish these half-wits would get all the wax out of their ears, and truly listen to what is being asked of them.

1) We MUST Secede from the Union.
2) Restore the governing power back into the States.
3) Elect a new Central Government that re-swears to uphold the Constitution.
4) Then start to charge the crooked bankers and politicians behind the globalist agenda, with the crimes they have committed against the American People.


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By Dylan Stableford, Yahoo! News | here!The Lookout

Petitions signed by hundreds of thousands of Americans seeking permission for their states to peacefully secede from the union have now been filed for all 50 states on the White House website.

The secession petition push began last week on the site's We The People section after a Slidell, La., man filed a petition on Nov. 7 to allow Louisiana to secede. Residents from other states followed suit.

As of Wednesday afternoon, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas—all states that voted for former Gov. Mitt Romney—as well as Florida each had accumulated more than 25,000 signatures, the threshold needed to trigger an official response from the Obama administration. Collectively, the secession petitions now have more than 700,000 digital signatures.

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