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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Valley News: Valley News Endorses Anthony Silva for Mayor

Valley News: Valley News Endorses Anthony Silva for Mayor: "Valley News Endorses Anthony Silva for Mayor Stockton, CA. has been one of if not the hardest hit city in America, ailing crime, foreclosures, and a city council that seems unable to make the right decisions. When these type problems are compiled with inflation, and a shrinking budget, the outcome is a city like Stockton, CA.

 Voted the most miserable city in America in two of the last three years, Stockton is still getting worse, and will continue to crumble, unless a change in leadership is made. Valley News sees the changes that can be made to fix the status quo in our two-time All-American city. The Mayoral candidate we are endorsing is Anthony Silva.

 Anthony Silva is a man of integrity, honesty, and loyalty, all characteristics that our city's current mayor Ann Johnston lacks. She has been on the council for the last twelve years, as I recall, Stocktonians were better off in 2000, correct? So stand with the Valleys sole source of truth, VALLEY NEWS, and do whats right for Stockton's future, elect Anthony Silva for Mayor. "

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