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Saturday, August 18, 2012

DHS Orders 1.4 Billion Rounds of Hollow Tip Ammo

Dept. of Homeland Security ordered 1.4 BILLION ROUNDS of hollow point ammunition. A department that has no Constitutional military or police force under their direction!!!! Why would they need this?
In March of this year, ATK announced that it had received an ID/IQ award from the Department of Homeland Security for 450 million rounds of .40cal jacketed hollow point ammunition to be shipped to various locations in the U.S.

On 8/10/12, DHS issued an updated solicitation for 750 million more rounds, the greatest majority of it being hollow point type ammunition that includes handgun, rifle, and shotgun items. The Solicitation number is

HSFLGL-12-B-00003, with an original date of 7/18/2012. It must be urgent because potential vendors are required to respond by 8/20/2012.

Additionally, the Social Security Administration is soliciting contractors for 174,000 rounds of ".357 Sig 125 gr. bonded jacketed hollow point pistol ammunition". The National Oceanic and Atmospheric

Administration just ordered 46,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition. This totals over 1.2 BILLION rounds of the most lethal ammunition in the world being purchased by departments of our federal government that are NOT primarily responsible for the defense of the country, and don't have military forces.

The "cover story" is that all of this is for training and target practice. However, hollow points are not generally used for target practice. They are meant to maim and kill, and they are significantly more expensive than standard full metal jacket target ammunition. While we sincerely doubt that the cover is true, even if it were this training extravagance hardly seems a wise use of taxpayer monies.

More to the point, what is it that this incredibly absurd amount of ammunition is being used to prepare for? There are only two generally reasonable explanations:

1. DHS, under some Presidential order, has decided to become one of the primary defenders against an invasion of our country, and based on the timeframes noted in the solicitations feel that a threat is imminent.

This does not seem likely for several reasons. If that was the case, surely the administration and Congress would owe their bosses—WE THE PEOPLE—an explanation of this imminent threat and a plan. Second, we do not recall any Constitutional authority for this type of action on DHS' part. It would seem the DEFENSE DEPARTMENT might also have a problem with that. Lastly, we believe hollow point ammunition violates the Geneva Convention Rules of War.


2. These agencies are preparing, under a paranoid internal plan, for some sort of major domestic event or civil unrest. Based on the ammo ordered, both in type and quantity, as well as other military equipment being solicited in large numbers, it appears the plan is to be ready and somewhat offensive in their approach to United States Citizens. The very people they are responsible to protect have now become the targets of hollow point ammunition, not allowed in WAR, by our own government. As silly as it may sound, this is more plausible than #1 above. How can that be?

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