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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Cure for Writers Block

The Cure for writer's block
By Greg Pitsch

Life is a mutual point between birth, and death. Death is the one guarantee in our life-time. The rest of it is up to you to control, everything that happens as a result of the things you've done in your past. I am stating the obvious, to the people who live without blame, but the other 87% of society thinks someone else is to blame for their faults. Every breath you take, is at your own risk, so catching an airborne illness is your fault.

With each step one takes in any direction creates more risk of a conflict that one otherwise would have never experienced. Now I see how staying Isolated, will give you a greater chance of achieving your goal(s) . Because a fixed object is easier to gravitate towards, plus it will build up more kinetic energy, to be utilized when exertion is needed.

Being that most people cannot sit still for more than 2-3 hours, it would be a great idea to learn a few hobbies, and begin a quest to master them. I myself acquired the skills necessary to play basketball, soccer, golf, bowling, tennis, football, and baseball. At most of the previously mentioned sports, I not only played on a team, but was always one of the top players as well.

These are me-breaks that help me relieve any stress, after devoting any amount of time to finish each project. Try to count to a 100, and free your mind of any thoughts, after counting, crack your knuckles and start to Type.

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