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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Politician for the People, Greg Pitsch is Ready to Take over Ron Paul's Liberty movement

"The average citizen will not put up with this. Their home prices have plummeted, they have no jobs, a lot of people are getting fed up so that they have to resort to crime." said Gregory Pitsch, a 26-year-old unemployed resident who made an unsuccessful run for mayor. "I'm asking you to make the right decision, not destroy the property values in this city, which bankruptcy will do."

This is a list of every news outlet I've passed through during my push Politicians for People:

3) Capital Public Radio
5) 940 AM KYNO
6) MSN Video
8) AIP News
9) Cox: San Diego News
10) One News Now


11) Clip Syndicate
13) Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom
15) Radaris
16) Today Online / Print
17) Examiner
18) Silo Breaker
20) NewsEdge

21) Fortune Builders
22) Hyper Link Fly
24) News10
25) Maddy Institute
26) Valley News Now
27) Wow Way
28) I am He Who Knows
29) Scout U 2
30) Cali Kings

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31) Legal News: FindLaw
32) WebCenters
34) CBS News
35) CA Dreamin' Daily
36) Frisco Fashion
37) Musical Site
38) InfoPig
39) San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters
40) e-San Joaquin

41) Mark Godi
42) La Opinion

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