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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dear Rand Paul, WTF were you thinking?

Dear Rand Paul,

Your Dad knows he can still win the nomination, right? We have spent the last Seven months getting elected as delegates all over this country to win at the Convention... That has been the plan this entire time. What changed?? They told you both something!! Well regardless of what you, your dad, or the biased mainstream media tells us, rest assured we will Nominate your father at the convention!

If you think your cute, because you may get the VP spot along the campaign, you better look over the man you'll be standing next to, and what he represents. Greed, Money, and Banker Buddy Bail-outs. Now ask yourself if you can side with him on any of his platform topics? The Answer is NO! Do not committ political suicide, if you haven't already. You're Father has earned your endorsement by raising you and being your idol still to this day, not Mitt!

Rand this is probably the worst decision you will ever make in your entire life. You have endorsed the most flip-flopping Presidential Candidate Americans have ever seen. He wrote Obama-care, and now wants to get rid of it? How can you stand behind him even for a moment, without him trying to play you for a fool.... YOU CAN'T!

I know the globalists have done everything possible to keep your dad out of the oval office, and you're okay with that?? Stand up for the cause you two have begun, or we'll finish it by adding you both to the list of puppets. This country is sickening, I got cheated out of the mayor's seat here in Stockton, CA. But I will continue to get by any and all of the walls standing in my way! Not by changing direction, but by overcoming them either by hurdling, or breaking them down! You have no sympathy for US Citizens, because you are now running with the devil! Not the thing to do, being christian and all, please rescind your endorsement, and put it towards your father's movement, because it is now too big to be stopped.

Best wishes,
Greg Pitsch (oh zee)
Leader of the "Free World"

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