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Monday, May 28, 2012

How to FIX this once great Country


I think our current Congress ought to be flushed down the toilet. We need to bring in some HUMAN beings --who understand that their role is to COMPROMISE and allow us the right of SELF GOVERNANCE, if they don't plan to solve the problems. In Stockton, California, we are experiencing a lack of commitment from our City Council, as well as the current Mayor Ann Johnston. Besides Dale Fritchen, they all think they don't have to answer to anybody. How are we allowing this type of disrespect? If and when we rise to action and tell them to, only then will this madness stop.

Isn't it bad enough that we have been the foreclosure capital, car-theft capital, and murder capital in the nation. This is a tough time to live in Stockton, many of its residents are fearful of leaving their homes due to the escalating violence all around this city. One begins to wonder if it is even worth risking your life or possessions every time you leave your home. Due to being a victim in this city, I have witnessed a lot of this City's problems first hand. Such as car theft, armed robbery, street violence, home burglary's and so on.

And truthfully there is not just one finite solution for the City's crime problem, because the violent-crimes are results of gangs running amok in the streets of Stockton. In order to tackle the City's crime problems, this out of control council, needs to spend more to bring more activities for the youth. Invest into the SUSD and implement the "American Dream." Finally Show the world why Stockton is the most resilient city in the United States, not the most miserable. Heavy support from a private-public co-op, will allow us to issue charters to guarantee citizens a job, and one they will enjoy.

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