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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who to turn to? The youth has the future, counterparts maybe disqualified

A conflict of interestseems to arise with all the other Candidates, besides myself and Tony Stevens, based on the fact that they will all have to bring up the city employees' pensions, being that it is one of the top priorities for the City's agenda. Only one of the other Candidates are able to vote on this extensively overpaid, but dramatically underfunded, so it's a key factor to Stockton's negative revenue.

Ralph Lee White is a 'Retired' City Council Member for Stockton, during the 1970's and 1980's. If he has been out of the political spectrum for so long, as with Jimmie, are out of touch with the majority of Stockton and its overwhelmingly young citizens. The same goes for Ann Johnston, because I believe she will be drafting her own notice to withdraw herself from the race. Tony and I share the one characteristic that will benefit this great city, we have no personal attachment to the City's pension reform, something that must be dealt with immediately after either one of us are elected. Fo

Why don't they stay retired? They are taking jobs from persons with little to no income, when they already have a substantial amount coming in each month, and they have an odd way of appeasing the public, by giving them more of the (expletive) they've been fed over and over.

I Gregory S. Pitsch have a plan to reduce the crime in our city, by allocating more resources to the Police Force. Yeah, even if that means a few other policies have to be eliminated completely. First and foremost we need our city to be safe enough to conduct business in for the future generation of Stocktonians. Will you help me Solve Stockton?

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