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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Memo to Stocktonians: 'I am What Stockton Needs'

To the citizens of Stockton,

The time is now. As citizens, there is no longer the luxury to sit back and allow our Civic leaders to blindly misdirect us. The powers that be have decided to take Stockton for a ride, a really bumpy ride. While a few people are active and they do voice their opinion, but there is an even larger portion of Stockton that doesn't know where to go if they so choose to put their word out. I am running for the office of mayor in Stockton, California, because I feel I am the best candidate in the highly-contested race for the seat.

This June will be my fourth year as a Resident of Stockton. And let me just say, I have learned many valuable lessons while residing in the Worst place to live in America, in 2010(according to Forbes Magazine). Certain lessons that will strengthen one's state of mind, and give thm the power to do the right thing, strictly to benefit my community.

I am going to be breaking down the budget to find out what the cities biggest priorities should be. I am not going to take the repetitive non-sense we are seeing from politicians as they continually assume that my youthful spirit will not directly benefit the city monetarily, well I would beg to differ. Nobody likes a poor-sport, and you will come to realize that I do not embody that characteristic. Don't get me wrong, I play to win, but a fair fight is just that, fair!

I will listen to the citizens rather than hear their opinion, and vote based on my own. That is a failed political practice, that is destroying our trust that we have from the people who vote us in. Yeah I know that's what the Mayor's job description entails, however this city has been ran that way for too long now. I have some higher, but still attainable goals that I wish to bring forward to the city's council. Such ideas are rarely conceived, except by those of us that can have a solution to a problem instinctively upon it being mentioned.

1) Get a hold on the bankruptcy proceedings to review what is being deemed expendable, and what is necessary. Keeping the parking garages downtown is of vital importance to the recovery we are seeking.

2) I will vow to ''solarize'' the City's largest energy consumers and work with them to apply for federal funding to install solar panels, and be with
them every step of the way to make sure they aren't sidelined by the red tape which has been famous among insiders in Washington.

3) Try to branch out satellite sites for the city of Stockton employees and Police to become more localized to keep them close to home to reduce
the cost of the fuel bill each month just to have the fleet mobilized. Each office will have a number of volunteer's to ensure our Police can be
really policing against all the city's gang and drug problems.

4) Inspect the School District to find other unnecessary waste of our education funds. As well as ask the state to be pardoned from their curriculum
because we have seen it not work in the sense of educating our future leaders since 2004.

5) Be the first public school district to give students a head start, by making the school day just an hour and a half longer, allowing each student
to additionally get a High-School Diploma, as well as have an Associate's Degree by the end of their four years of High School. This will open up
the community college for the previous generation that hasn't been able to finish their college education, since all the local campuses have
been full.

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