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Saturday, February 18, 2012

This Is How Far They Go To Block Ron Paul

This Is News Max Political Archives for February, and Ron Paul is mentioned in 9 out of 170 Headlines. I thought they had to receive equal air-time, Ad Space, or any other way of promoting their campaign. If we already lost all of our rights, what makes you think this election is going to be fair, there will be nothing patriotic about it. They are trying to convince people with money not to donate their money to Ron Paul, because of his electability, which is the worst plausible description of the Doctor I've heard.

Politics Archives February 2012:
Feb 17, 2012 Santorum to Speak to Students at Michigan College
Feb 17, 2012 Ohio AG DeWine Switches from Romney to Santorum
Feb 17, 2012 Rasmussen: Romney Maintains Lead in Arizona
Feb 17, 2012 Ohio AG DeWine, Pro-life Group Back Santorum
Feb 17, 2012 Pro-Gingrich super PAC to get $10M Boost from Adelson
Feb 17, 2012 UAW: Romney Misleads Voters on Auto Bailouts
Feb 17, 2012 Rep. West: Obama Stimulus Made Things Worse
Feb 17, 2012 Romney on Santorum's Rombo Ad: ‘Most Negative I’ve Seen’
Feb 17, 2012 Wealthy Democratic Donor Says She's Keeping Her Cash
Feb 17, 2012 Limbaugh, Palin, Huckabee Praise Santorum in Ad
Feb 17, 2012 Obama Campaign, Democrats Raise $29.1 Million in January
Feb 17, 2012 Limbaugh, Palin, Huckabee Praise Santorum in Ad
Feb 17, 2012 Romney Attacks Obama on Foreign Policy
Feb 16, 2012 CNN Cancels March 1 Debate After Three Candidates Pass
Feb 16, 2012 Perry Seeks to Form Super PAC
Feb 16, 2012 Detroit News Poll: Santorum Has Edge Over Romney
Feb 16, 2012 Rep. West: Democratic Policy Amounts to ‘Insidious Slavery’
Feb 16, 2012 Priebus Needs Just a Year to Turn Around RNC Finances
Feb 16, 2012 Fox News Poll: Obama Leads Republicans in Swing States
Feb 16, 2012 Out-of-State Donations Add Up for Warren in Mass.
Feb 16, 2012 Trump Stumped by Santorum's Surge
Feb 16, 2012 Romney's Shifting Bailout Stance a Liability in Mich.
Feb 16, 2012 A Kennedy is Running Again in Mass.
Feb 16, 2012 Santorum Seeks More Congressional Backing
Feb 16, 2012 Romney Struggling to Attract White Working Class
Feb 16, 2012 Michigan Gov. Snyder Endorses Romney
Feb 15, 2012 Obama Raising Campaign Cash in California
Feb 15, 2012 AP Source: Michigan Gov. Snyder to Endorse Romney
Feb 15, 2012 Joseph Kennedy III to Run for Frank's Massachusetts Seat
Feb 15, 2012 Detroit to Romney: Get Real on Auto Bailout
Feb 15, 2012 Friess: I’ll Keep Helping Santorum — as Needed
Feb 15, 2012 Boehner Delays Action on Transportation Bill
Feb 15, 2012 Judge: Texas Republicans Should Plan on May 29 Primary
Feb 15, 2012 Santorum Exploring Secret Service Protection
Feb 15, 2012 Vulnerable Democrats Steer Clear of Obama Budget
Feb 15, 2012 Santorum Ad Attacks Romney … for Attacking Santorum
Feb 15, 2012 Quinnipiac: Santorum Leads in Ohio
Feb 15, 2012 Santorum Goes After Romney in Michigan
Feb 15, 2012 Santorum to 'Plant Flag' in Romney's Native State
Feb 15, 2012 Boehner: Democrats Should Compromise on Jobless, Medicare
Feb 14, 2012 Los Angeles Mayor to Chair Democratic Convention
Feb 14, 2012 Obama to Return to NYC for First Wall Street Fundraiser of Year
Feb 14, 2012 Democrat Reid, GOP Senator Shed Donations From Nevada Developer
Feb 14, 2012 Republicans Take Solyndra Message to Obama
Feb 14, 2012 Romney Returns to Familiar Playbook to Try to Stop Santorum
Feb 14, 2012 GOP Sen. Hatch Spars With Geithner on Obama Budget
Feb 14, 2012 Pooch Lovers Protest Romney Outside Westminster Dog Show
Feb 14, 2012 Christie: NJ Legislature Gay Marriage Vote ‘Good Theater’
Feb 14, 2012 Obama Declines to Return Stanford Money
Feb 14, 2012 Third Poll Shows Santorum Tied with Romney
Feb 14, 2012 Obama’s Budget Aims to Satisfy His Democratic Base
Feb 13, 2012 Evans: How Gingrich Wins the GOP Nomination
Feb 13, 2012 For Gingrich, "Super Tuesday" Looms as Turning Point
Feb 13, 2012 Gallup, Pew: Santorum Ties Romney
Feb 13, 2012 Cliff Stearns: GOP's New Investigative Star in Congress
Feb 13, 2012 Rep. Tom Cole: Obama’s Budget Is ‘Smoke and Mirrors’
Feb 13, 2012 Santorum Grabs Leads in 2 Michigan Polls
Feb 13, 2012 Poll: Biggest Budget Issue is Job Creation
Feb 13, 2012 GOP Rep. McKeon Calls Pentagon Budget Irresponsible
Feb 13, 2012 RNC Denounces Obama's New Budget Plan
Feb 13, 2012 Obama Faces Uphill Fight in Pennsylvania
Feb 13, 2012 Obama Supporters Launch Campaign Websites
Feb 13, 2012 Romney Supporters Question Campaign Strategy
Feb 13, 2012 Democrat Cleaver: Obama Budget 'Nervous Breakdown on Paper'
Feb 13, 2012 Wall Street Donates to GOP Amid Anger at Obama
Feb 13, 2012 Romney's Olympics Contributions Questioned by Some
Feb 13, 2012 New Gingrich Ad: Support Me to Halt 80-Year Drift to Left
Feb 12, 2012 Romney's Santorum Problem: No Easy Targets
Feb 12, 2012 Ron Paul: My Rivals Lack Convictions
Feb 12, 2012 McConnell Wants Vote on Birth-Control Mandate
Feb 11, 2012 Mitt Romney Wins CPAC Straw Poll
Feb 11, 2012 Gov. Scott: Get Government Out of Healthcare
Feb 11, 2012 In Maine, Paul Vies to Extend Romney Losing Streak
Feb 10, 2012 Matt Kibbe: Big 2012 Prize Is Conservative Takeover of Senate
Feb 10, 2012 George Allen: I Want to Kill Obamacare With my Vote
Feb 10, 2012 US House Republican Rejects Obama's Revised Health Rule
Feb 10, 2012 Ronald Kessler: Grover Norquist Says Obama Will Be Defeated
Feb 10, 2012 McConnell: Obama 'Demeans' Presidency
Feb 10, 2012 Cuccinelli: GOP Must Make Obamacare Centerpiece in 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Santorum Donor Friess Makes DC Debut
Feb 10, 2012 They're Back: Social Issues Overtake US Politics
Feb 10, 2012 Foreign Donations at Risk in Super PAC Landscape
Feb 10, 2012 Santorum Amplifies Faith in Way GOP Rivals Don't
Feb 09, 2012 Santorum: Obama Trying to Allow Iran to Have Nuke
Feb 09, 2012 Cardenas to Newsmax: GOP 'Hand-to-Hand Warfare' Benefits Obama
Feb 09, 2012 Embattled Biden Tries to Fix Birth-Control Fiasco
Feb 09, 2012 American Majority Uses NASCAR to Drive Conservatives
Feb 09, 2012 Some Republicans Want to Reconsider Earmark Ban
Feb 09, 2012 Five Lesser-Known Figures to Watch at CPAC
Feb 09, 2012 Some Republicans Regret Debt Limit Vote
Feb 09, 2012 Shot Giffords Aide to Seek Her Post in Special Election
Feb 09, 2012 GOP Congressmen to Romney: Pick Up the Pace
Feb 09, 2012 US House Passes Bill against Congressional Insider Trading
Feb 09, 2012 Bachmann: Santorum Victories Show Importance of Social Issues
Feb 09, 2012 Huntsman Named to Ford Motor Co. Board
Feb 09, 2012 Trump: Santorum Lost in Senate, How Can He Beat Obama?
Feb 08, 2012 Santorum Files for Indiana Ballot Despite Dispute
Feb 08, 2012 Friess: Santorum Should Pick Romney as VP
Feb 08, 2012 GOP Seeks ‘Pelosi Provision’ in Insider Trading Bill
Feb 08, 2012 Gingrich Warns Darkly of Iran Nuclear Possibility
Feb 08, 2012 Rush: Conservative Values Spur Santorum Trifecta
Feb 08, 2012 2 Creators of Eastwood Ad Donated Time to Obama in '08
Feb 08, 2012 Kessler: CPAC Will Have Record Turnout
Feb 08, 2012 Paul Remains Upbeat About Delegates Despite Losses
Feb 08, 2012 State Sen. Blue Might Run for NC Governor
Feb 08, 2012 Obama Budget Gives GOP Chance to Unite
Feb 08, 2012 Tuesday’s Contests Boost Santorum, Hurt Gingrich, Romney
Feb 08, 2012 Former Georgia Sen. Mattingly Endorses Gingrich
Feb 08, 2012 Marlin: Obama Will Lose Catholic Swing States, Maybe Election
Feb 08, 2012 Santorum's Gamble Pays off
Feb 08, 2012 McCain: Primary Season Should End to Focus on Obama
Feb 08, 2012 Pa. Might Delay Primary Over Redistricting
Feb 07, 2012 Schoen: Santorum ‘Shatters’ Inevitability Claim
Feb 07, 2012 Gingrich Floats Possibility of ‘Open Convention’
Feb 07, 2012 James Bopp Jr, RNC Member, Endorses Romney
Feb 07, 2012 Kerrey Declines Senate Bid, Nebraska Dems Scramble
Feb 07, 2012 33 in Congress Really Bring Home the Bacon, Wash Post Finds
Feb 07, 2012 February Contests: Maine, Colo., Mo., Minn., Ariz., Mich.
Feb 07, 2012 Gingrich Rebound 'Remarkable,' Regardless of Final Outcome
Feb 07, 2012 5 Key Factors to Watch in Mo., Minn., Colo. GOP Contests
Feb 07, 2012 3 GOP Candidates Blast Ruling Overturning Calif. Gay Marriage Ban
Feb 07, 2012 Gingrich: Romney, Obama Violate Catholic Rights
Feb 07, 2012 PPP Surveys Show Santorum Strength in Mo., Minn., Colo.
Feb 07, 2012 One-Third of Presidential Campaign Spending From Nonprofits
Feb 07, 2012 Kentucky Delays Congressional Districts Filing
Feb 07, 2012 Ex-Sen. Bob Kerrey Won't Try to Regain Neb. Seat
Feb 07, 2012 Obama Returning Money Tied to Fugitive Casino Owner
Feb 07, 2012 Romney Intensifies Fight for Social Conservatives
Feb 06, 2012 Kessler: RNC Beats Democrats in Fundraising
Feb 06, 2012 Tea Party Could Be Warming to Romney
Feb 06, 2012 Romney Camp Goes After Santorum
Feb 06, 2012 Democrats Wonder: Is Pelosi Friend or Foe?
Feb 06, 2012 Football Groups Using Lobbyists to Score on Capitol Hill
Feb 06, 2012 2012 Gingrich Looks Increasingly like 2008 Huckabee
Feb 06, 2012 Wash Post: Romney Claims on Anthem Wrong, Misguided
Feb 06, 2012 3 Virginia Democrats Vie to Challenge Rep. Cantor
Feb 06, 2012 Wash Post-ABC Poll: Obama Tops Romney Among All Americans
Feb 06, 2012 Rasmussen: Half Strongly Disapprove of Obama Performance
Feb 06, 2012 Singer Pat Boone Endorses Santorum
Feb 06, 2012 Romney Leads Newt in GOP Delegates, 101 to 32
Feb 06, 2012 Obama: Negative Ads Will Have Role in 2012 Race
Feb 06, 2012 GOP Ends NV Vote Count; Romney on Top with 50%
Feb 05, 2012 Jews Make Big Move Away from Obama
Feb 05, 2012 In Minn., Conservative Drift Challenges Romney
Feb 05, 2012 Armey: Gingrich on 'Vendetta' Against Romney
Feb 05, 2012 GOP Mounts Major Push to Woo Hispanics
Feb 05, 2012 Romney Win Leaves Rivals Few Options
Feb 05, 2012 Schoen & Blakeman: Voters Warm to Romney; Gingrich Must Reorganize
Feb 04, 2012 Conservatives, Mormons Help Romney Win Nevada
Feb 04, 2012 Republican Romney Sails to Easy Win in Nevada
Feb 04, 2012 Santorum: GOP Battle ‘Long, Long Way From Being Over’
Feb 04, 2012 Romney Wins Nevada Caucuses; Gingrich, Paul Battling for Second
Feb 04, 2012 Maine Caucuses Begin, to Run for Full Week
Feb 04, 2012 Breaking News From Nevada Caucuses
Feb 04, 2012 Facebook Survey: 41% of Nevada Users View Trump as No Big Deal
Feb 04, 2012 Santorum, Paul Look Past Nevada Caucuses
Feb 04, 2012 Gingrich Hoping to Beat Paul for 2nd Place in Nev.
Feb 04, 2012 Mo. Candidate Would Be Among Richest in US Senate
Feb 04, 2012 Romney Parts Ways With Debate Coach
Feb 03, 2012 Barry Goldwater Jr.: No GOP Candidate Has 'Sealed the Deal'
Feb 03, 2012 Gingrich Ad: Romney, Obama Share Too Many Positions
Feb 03, 2012 GOP Gains Support From All Major Religious Groups
Feb 03, 2012 Polls: Romney Likely To Win Nevada
Feb 03, 2012 Romney: Obama Doesn’t Deserve Credit for Jobs Growth
Feb 03, 2012 Mormon Vote to Help Romney in Next Primaries
Feb 03, 2012 Nevada Tea Party Split on Candidates
Feb 03, 2012 Rush: Obama's Jobless Numbers Are 'Corrupt'
Feb 03, 2012 Ga. Rep. Gingrey Walks Out of Obama Speech
Feb 03, 2012 Romney's Verbal Gaffes Worry Republicans
Feb 03, 2012 Nev. Gov. Sandoval: I'm Not Endorsing Anyone
Feb 03, 2012 Santorum: I'll Stay in the Race 'to the Very End'
Feb 03, 2012 Gingrich: Republicans Must 'Run as a Team' to Win Washington
Feb 03, 2012 Romney: Trump Shares My Vision on Stopping China
Feb 03, 2012 Trump: Tea Party Will 'Pick Up Banner' for Mitt Romney
Feb 02, 2012 Paul: States Should Resolve Land Management Issues
Feb 02, 2012 Kansas Lawmakers Warned to Keep Records
Feb 02, 2012 Gingrich Seeks to Challenge Fla. Delegate Count
Feb 02, 2012 Sen. Marco Rubio: Obama Will Try to 'Absolutely Eviscerate' Republican Opponent
Feb 02, 2012 NC's Heath Shuler Won't Seek Re-election to House
Feb 02, 2012 Rove: Romney Camp Must Offer Ideas
Feb 02, 2012 Gingrich: 'We Should Care about the Very Poor'
Feb 02, 2012 Romney-Paul Alliance Benefits Both Men
Feb 02, 2012 Five Possible Gingrich Comeback Tacks
Feb 02, 2012 Romney Stock Trades Clash With Divestment Pledge
Feb 02, 2012 Paul Gambles on Caucus States to Amass Delegates
Feb 01, 2012 Santorum Sharpens Criticism in Colorado visit
Feb 01, 2012 Paul: Immigration Not Solved by Barbed Wire, Guns
Feb 01, 2012 Romney vs. Gingrich Nastiness Has GOP Worried
Feb 01, 2012 Vulnerable Dem Senators Scramble for Cash
Feb 01, 2012 Santorum Gets Tancredo Endorsement
Feb 01, 2012 Romney Would Fare Well Against Conservative Alternative
Feb 01, 2012 Wealthy Individuals, Corporations Bankroll Romney
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