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Thursday, February 16, 2012

2500 Marijuana Plants Seized in Plumas Lake Home

PLUMAS LAKE (CBS13) – Yuba County Sheriff’s Department deputies seized about 1,500 marijuana plants after serving search warrants in a Yuba County suburb on Thursday morning.

The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department’s Marijuana Eradication Team (METYU), with the assistance of NET-5 and the Yuba County SWAT team, served warrants at three locations in Plumas Lake, between Marysville and Sacramento.

Two residents were arrested from one of the homes located in the 1600 block of Notting Hill Way. They were identified as Guo Xiong Li, 34, and Jian Xiong Liu, 44, both of Sacramento.

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How I feel about this:

Supposedly what was seized by law enforcement officials was estimated over $1 Million USD, and they wonder why the economy is bad? The people growing it were using the economy they learned in High School, Supply and Demand. They found out what was in demand here in California, and tried to supply it to those in need. Well that's illegal. It shouldn't be, because we are all entitled to a profit in a free trade market. They are doing the only thing they can with the resources available, and for which they shouldn't be imprisoned, but encouraged to continue, and succeed. After all the down-sizing at factories, and warehouses, the least they can do is allow us to grow and sell a highly sought commodity in today's Medical Marijuana Market. Pot simply won't do... It's gotta be Hydro!!

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