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Sunday, January 22, 2012

When Will We See Change? Finally in 2012!

There are plenty of Republicans I could, and would never support. 2012, the Republicans have a spirited Ron Paul, who is shaking up the politcal spectrum. Nothing is too bold for his insight, he seems to have pulled me from the social democratic party. I jumped across party lines to help emsure he has the chance to speak against President Obama in front of the masses. Something needs to change, because Individuality is what allows Humans to experience life.

Ron Paul is a constitutionalist, who believes that the constitution was drafted in order to create a more perfect union. If that was the case, why would America start to implement laws that strip us of most of our rights? Dr. Paul defends Liberty more than all the other candidates running against him in the 2012 republican primary elections. To the disbelief of the main street media, Ron Paul is the only Republican who has the chance to beat Obama in November, and turn this ship around.

If the other Republican Candidates see that Paul has the better message, and an authenticity that can be trusted, a rare characterization for a Politician. They should do what's right for the party as well as the Country and step down, to allow Ron Paul to build momentum early, rather than making each other look in-electable.


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